Program to find Maximum and Minimum element in Array C++

How it Works:

  • Declare array of size 10
  • Using for loop assign array indexes with random values between 1 and 1000.
  • Call the function and pass array and its size as argument.
  • Function declares two integers max and min and assign both integers with arrays first index value.
  • Then with in for loop there are two if condition first check is for minimum number and second check is for maximum number.
  • Finally program display the output values of both integers min and max.

Following is the program to find maximum and minimum element in array

#include <iostream>
#include <stdlib.h>
using namespace std;
void FindMaxMin(int *array, int size)
{        int min,max;
         for(int i=0;i<size;i++)
            else if(array[i]>max)
 cout<<"Minimum Number  = "<<min<<endl;
 cout<<"Maximum Number = "<<max<<endl;
int main()
    int array[10];
    for(int i=0;i<=9;i++)
         cout<<"array ["<<i<<"]"<<"= "<<array[i]<<endl;
return 0;


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