Best trading platform for cryptocurrency

So, you have just picked up your first Bitcoin and are looking join the world of crypt° traders! Or maybe you already got started with the trading process and are simply looking to better your skills. But with so many overwhelming choices, finding the best one for you is a daunting task. Worry not! If you have decided to dip your toes into this exciting world, here are 8 Best trading platforms for Cryptocurrency:

1. Coinbase

This is simply the best Bitcoin trading platform. It is used by millions of global customers and backed by trusted investors. Coinbase has gained its popularity because it enables its users to purchase and trade digital currency. The platform makes it easy to purchase Bitcoins, Ether, and Litecoin through a digital wallet. Coinbase caters to countries such as the United States, Singapore, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. On a daily basis, you can purchase up to $50,000 worth of Bitcoins. The platform is beginner friendly, has a good reputation and offers reasonable fees.

2. Coinsquare

This is a Cryptocurrency trading platform that is built on the same technology as the New York Stock Exchange. It is solely committed to safe and secure trading. The system is 100% proprietary and highly focuses on providing unbeatable customer security. It prides itself on the fact that it has never lost a single coin ever since 2015. Whether you are looking to trade Canadian or Ethereum Cryptocurrency, this is the ideal platform. Just like Coinbase, it also has a solid reputation and a majority of beginner-friendly features. It is easily accessible and over-delivers on all its trades.

3. Kraken

Kraken’s innovative features cater to high security, fast execution as well as outstanding support. Based in San Francisco, USA, Kraken operates locally. It is a platform that is responsible for the largest Bitcoin exchange in Euro volume. It is simply the best Cryptocurrency trading platform that you will ever come across. Founded in 2011, Kraken allows you to purchase and sell Bitcoins and other digital currencies like Monero and Ethereum Classic then trade them among a variety of currencies such as US dollars, British pounds, and Japanese Yen. It does not matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader because Kraken has a variety of trading features for all and sundry.lts good reputation, minimal deposit fees, and decent exchange rates put it at the top of the map. The trading platform is also known for great user support and low transaction fees.

4. Poloniex

Poloniex is yet another US-based Cryptocurrency trading platform. Founded in 2014, it is trusted by millions who are looking to thrive in a secure trading environment. Boasting of more than 100 different Bitcoin pairings, it is one of the most diverse trading platforms. It also offers a high volume margin and lending service. Most popular with users who are seeking to convert cryptocurrencies, Poloniex offers it services all around the world. Where its maker-taker fees differ, the platform does not charge any withdrawal fees beyond the transaction fees that are required by its network. Poloniex is also one of the few trading platforms with a chatbox that allows users to make different suggestions on their trading experiences. Characterized by high-volume trading, low trading fees and a handful of features, you can be certain that Poloniex will keep you engaged.


Formerly a cloud mining company, has created a positive shift in the Cryptocurrency trading world. The European platform majors in Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Ethereum, Zcash, and Dash. This is a versatile as Cryptocurrency trading gets! It is worth noting that has implemented money laundering measures that require you to verify your identity before trading. On the platform, you will enjoy a personalized and user-friendly experience through dashboard and margin trading also offers a brokerage service that teaches novice traders how to buy Bitcoin at the most favorable prices. This platform is mobile friendly, decent exchange rate and worldwide support.

6. eToro

eToro is a solid social trading platform with registered offices in the United Kingdom, Israel, and Cyprus. Fully regulated in all these countries, it has a global reach that makes it a highly competitive Bitcoin trading platform. Founded in 2006, it allows its users to watch the trading strategies of the best traders and equally implement them. This is more than can be said for any other Cryptocurrency trading platform. With eToro, you will get the opportunity to trade in cryptocurrencies. The platform has over four million active accounts.

7. Bitsquare

This is a user-friendly, peer to peer Cryptocurrency trading platform that enables you to buy and sell Bitcoins. Marketing itself as a decentralized company, it does not require any registration and does not hold user funds apart from personal data that relates to trading exchanges. The platform is highly secure and promotes anonymity. It has a good reputation and a vast amount of cryptocurrencies available. It is best for advanced traders and the fact that it requires no sign-up makes it one of the bast Cryptocurrency trading platforms.

8. LocalBitcoin

If you want to take Bitcoin trading to the next level then you should certainly join LocalBitcoin. It is a platform that comprises of thousands of buyers and sellers who hail from different worldwide cities. With LocalBitcoin, you can easily meet up with other traders within your locality who are willing to buy and sell Bitcoin for cash. Payments on the platform can be sent using Dwolla, PayPal or Skrill. You can alternatively deposit money at a local bank. As sellers set their own exchange rates, LocalBitcoin charges them a commission of 1%. To ensure trading is secure, the platform ranks each trader publicly, displaying their past activities for all to see. Also, trading money is held in an escrow service. Once the seller confirms the trade, the funds are released. The platform is beginner friendly, free of change and offers instant, global transfers.


These are eight of the best Cryptocurrency trading platforms that exist. They have been able to garner a solid reputation and serve traders with different preferences. Remember, all exchange platforms are not created equally. Therefore, it is important to have complete control of your holdings.

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