Program to Reverse an Array in C++

Program explanation: Program declare an integer array of size five, initialize it using for loop.  Pass size and array name to function. Function uses for loop and swap array elements with in it.  A for loop is used to display the final result. Following is the program to reverse an array. #include <iostream> using namespace … Read more

Answer to Sum Array Challenge

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Sum Array challenge

In this challenge, given an array of integers, the goal is to efficiently find the subarray that has the greatest value when all of its elements are summed together. Note that because some elements of the array may be negative, the problem is not solved by simply picking the start and end elements of the … Read more

Program to find maximum number in array C++

Following is Code to find Maximum number in array C++ PROGRAM: #include<iostream> using namespace std; int main() { cout<<"Enter The Size Of Array: "; int size; cin>>size; int array[size], key,i; // Taking Input In Array for(int j=0;j<size;j++){ cout<<"Enter "<<j<<" Element : "; cin>>array[j]; } //Your Entered Array Is for(int a=0;a<size;a++){ cout<<"array[ "<<a<<" ] = "; … Read more