7 Best Languages to Learn IoT Development in 2020

Have you ever thought of building a single application to access & control all your home applications or a device that can help you to monitor & early detection of any unusual change in your body, etc…?? If yes, then the Internet of Things (IoT) is the right domain for you!! Statistically, there will be … Read more

New update for UGC-NET Exam 2020: How to Prepare

Hello Everyone! Today I am going to tell you something about UGC-NET exam which will held in 2020. In this blog, I’ll share each and every detail/information regarding the changes in UGC NET exam pattern and syllabus. Changes introduces in UGC-NET Exam: Now UGC is not conducted NET exam, from this year NTA i.e (NATIONAL TESTING AGENCY) … Read more

Design Dropbox – A System Design Interview Question

  System Design Dropbox. You might have used this file hosting service multiple times to upload and share the files or images but what if somebody asks you to design this gigantic system within just 45 minutes? Yes, this is what you are expected to do in your system design round of interviews. We are … Read more

Top 10 Programming Languages for Blockchain Development

Do you ever wonder about the sudden emergence and popularity of Blockchain development? What is it? Well, Blockchain is literally a chain of blocks as the name suggests! It’s just that the “blocks” in this context are digital information that is connected using cryptography. Each of these blocks contains a cryptographic hash function linking to … Read more