Solid State Chemistry: Modern X-Ray Powder Techniques and their Applications

This set of Solid State Chemistry Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Modern X-Ray Powder Techniques and their Applications”. MCQ based on Modern X-Ray Powder Techniques and their Applications: 1. A powder diffractometer is an___________ a) Electron density instrument b) Powder electron refraction instrument c) X-ray spectrum detector instrument d) Powder X-ray instrument. … Read more

VHDL Q&A – Implementing Combinational Circuits with VHDL-2

This set of Tough VHDL Questions and Answers focuses on “Implementing Combinational Circuits with VHDL – 2”. 1. The process statement used in combinational circuits is called ______ process. a) Combinational b) Clocked c) Unclocked d) Sequential   2. Why we need to include all the input signals in the sensitivity list of the process? … Read more