Understanding MySQL Slow Query Logs

Hello all, here we are going to discuss about one of best performance problem solving method i.e. to understand the MySQL slow query logs and take important measures to ensure peak server performance.   Let’s take an example of Slow Query Log: root@server#tail -f /var/log/mysql_slow_query.log # Time: 2017-04-09T20:10:09.472872Z # User@Host: db_user[db_name] @ [x.x.x.125] # Query_time: … Read more

MySQL DBA Interview Questions Basic and Advanced

Hello all, with my 8+ years of experience as MySQL DBA, I’ll share some of the most common beginner level MySQL DBA Interview Question Answers which I’ve faced in almost every interview, I’ll keep on adding more, hope this will help you:   Read this post to get the overview of MySQL: MySQL Basics   … Read more

Simplest way to Reset MySQL Root Password

Forgot your MySQL root password? Don’t worry I’ll tell you the simplest way to reset MySQL root password. This guide will work for Linux and Windows OS as well.   So without wasting any valuable time lets start with the: Steps to reset MySQL Root Password: Step 1:  Stop MySQL service:  You can do this … Read more

What’s new in MySQL 5.7 (MySQL 5.7 features)

Hello everyone, today I’m going to share some major changes released in MySQL 5.7, this includes only the important features and options that are available now for all the changes please visit the MySQL documentation site.   New MySQL 5.7 features: 1. Security improvements: User Passwords: Every row in mysql.user table must have a non-empty … Read more

How to restore MySQL Database with Foreign Keys

Hello everyone, yesterday while migrating one database from one server to another I went into this situation, when I failed to restore MySQL database with foreign keys due to the following error: ERROR 1215 (HY000) at line 368: Cannot add foreign key constraint   Why we get this error while restoring database with Foreign Keys? This … Read more

How to set up MySQL Master-Slave Replication

What is MySQL Master-Slave Replication? MySQL Master-Slave replication is a process in which we have 2 servers one master and other slave, all the processing/data modifications are done on master and same are replicated on slave. So simply Slave is a copy of Master which helps in case failure of master or we require downtime … Read more