Different star pattern in Python

In this post we will discuss about different basic star pattern in Python. These are very basic and beginners programs, let me know in case you want me create more shapes and patterns. Star pattern : 1 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Program to implement … Read more

Python program for text to speech

In this post we will write a program to convert text to speech in Python. Some people have difficulty reading large amounts of text due to dyslexia and other learning disabilities. Some people have basic literary levels. They often get frustrated trying to browse the internet because so much of it is in text form … Read more

Program to Find Perfect Number in Python

Here we will write a program to check whether the number is a Perfect number in Python language. So, first lets start with what is a perfect number. What is a Perfect number: Perfect Number is a number in which sum of all its positive divisors excluding that number is equals to the number. For … Read more

Python Bigram formation from given list

In this post we will discuss about bigram formation from a given list in python programming language. We will discuss two methods for creating bigrams. When we are dealing with text classification, sometimes we need to do certain kind of natural language processing and hence sometimes require to form bigrams of words for processing. In … Read more