Games in C++: Basic and Easy to understand

Collection of Games in C++:

Here are few of the basic games in C++ which you can understand easily and does not require advanced coding techniques. Check the games below these can help you learn C++ programming concepts in a fun and easy way.

Casino Game:


  • This is a Number Guessing Game.
  • Player deposits an initial amount to start playing game.
  • He guess a number between 1 to 10 and enters betting amount.
  • If he wins he will get 10 times of money he bets.
  • If he bets on wrong number he will lost his betting amount.
  • Game continues till user wants to play.

casino games in c++


Console Shooting Game:

Very simple game executed successfully on DEV-C++ 5.6.3 It has 11 levels you can try, every level the speed and the amount of “birds” is increasing. The controls are arrow keys for moving and 1 / 2 for shooting.

Console shooting game C++


Hangman Game:

It is a simple project just to provide a HangMan game concept. In this project I haven’t draw a man for a wrong choice so, try to draw a simple man by using “|” pattern in your project which make your project better .
Here is the source code, copy and compile it in Code::blocks gcc compiler.


Hangman game in C++

Snake and Ladder Game:

Here we have implemented the classic Snake and Ladder game C++.

It can be played by two players.

Snake and Ladder in C++

Tetris Game:

Following is program to implement Tetris Game C++, this is simple code created using <graphics.h>.

tetris game in C++

Zombie War Game:


zombie war game


If you have your own idea regarding any Games in C++, please share with us.

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