Gene Manipulation Q & A – Large Scale Mutagenesis and Interference

This set of Gene Manipulation Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Large Scale Mutagenesis and Interference”.

MCQs based on Large Scale Mutagenesis and Interference:

1. Mutations can be introduced by ____________
a) Cloning
b) Recombination
c) Ligation
d) Gene targeting


2. Gene-knockout is the generation of a null-gene.
a) True
b) False


3. Embryonic stem cells are __________
a) Totipotent
b) Pluripotent
c) Dead
d) Multipotent


4. The only organism in which systematic gene targeting has been achieved is ____________
a) Mouse
b) Drosophila
c) Fish
d) Yeast


5. The EUROFAN project involves the use of _________ generated cassettes.
a) PCR
b) Ultracentrifugation
c) Electroporation
d) Cloning


6. Genome-wide random mutagenesis is applicable to _________
a) Fish
b) Mammals
c) All organisms
d) Bacteria


7. Insertional mutagenesis facilitates __________
a) Cloning
b) PCR
c) Recombination
d) Centrifugation


8. Ribozymes are _________ molecules.
a) Toxic
b) Large
c) DNA
d) Catalytic

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