Machine Drawing Questions and Answers – Thread Profile

This set of Machine Drawing Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Thread Profile”.

MCQs based on Thread Profile:

1. If a screw thread advances in the nut when turned in a clockwise direction, it is called _________
a) left hand helix
b) right hand helix
c) clockwise helix
d) anticlockwise helix


2. Threads are classified into V thread, Acme thread, Knuckle thread, etc. on the basis of _________
a) start of threads
b) hand of helix
c) profile of the groove
d) surface


3. Pitch of the profile depends on the ______
a) nominal diameter
b) internal diameter
c) external diameter
d) mean diameter


4. Metric threads are not termed as ___________
a) BSW thread
b) V thread
c) American thread
d) Unified thread


5. Depth of thread is ______ times of pitch in case of British Standard Whitworth Thread.
a) 0.75
b) 0.64
c) 0.55
d) 0.80


6. Vice used for carpentry work has ______ thread.
a) square
b) buttress
c) acme
d) square


7. Which of the following option do not specify a knuckle thread?
a) Semi-circular profile of radius 1/4th of pitch
b) Suitably formed by molding or rolling
c) Used in sheet metal covers for jars
d) Transmits power in one direction only


8. Coarse pitches are used for ____________
a) rough application
b) general application
c) precision application
d) special application


9. Square threads are used for ________
a) power transmission
b) clamping devices
c) easy operation of engagement and disengagement
d) fastening purpose


10. __________ is the slight improvement over square thread.
a) Buttress thread
b) Knuckle thread
c) Acme thread
d) BSW thread

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