Newton-Gregory Forward Interpolation Formula based MCQ

This post provides the Numerical Analysis Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Newton-Gregory Forward Interpolation Formula”, feel free to share and comment in case any doubt.

MCQs based on Newton-Gregory Forward Interpolation Formula:

1. Newton-Gregory Forward interpolation formula can be used _____________
a) only for equally spaced intervals
b) only for unequally spaced intervals
c) for both equally and unequally spaced intervals
d) for unequally intervals


2. Find n for the following data if f(0.2) is asked.


a) 0.4
b) 0.2
c) 1
d) 0.1


3. Find n for the following data if f(1.8) is asked.


a) 2.4
b) 3.4
c) 2.6
d) 3.6

4. Find the polynomial for the following data.

a) (frac{3x^2-22x+36}{8} )
b) 3x2-22x+36
c) (frac{3x^2+22x+36}{2} )
d) (frac{3x^2-19x+36}{8} )

5. Using Newton-Gregory Forward formula, find sin(0.1604) from the following table


a) 0.169713084
b) 0.159713084
c) 0.158713084
d) 0.168713084

6. Find f(5) using Newton-Gregory Forward Interpolation formula from the following table.


a) 71.109375
b) 61.103975
c) 70.103957
d) 71.103957

7. Find f(0.18) from the following table using Newton-Gregory Forward Interpolation formula


a) 1.18878784
b) 1.8878784
c) 1.9878785
d) 0.8878784

8. Find f(2.75) using Newton’s Forward interpolation formula from the following table.


a) 1.8296875
b) 18.296875
c) 22.296875
d) 24.296875

9. Find n if x0 = 0.75825, x = 0.759 and h = 0.00005.
a) 1.5
b) 15
c) 2.5
d) 25


10. Find x if x0 = 0.6, n = 2.6 and h = 0.2.
a) 12
b) 1.2
c) 1.12
d) 1.22


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