Program to Find the simple interest in C++

Here we will write a program to calculate Simple Interest in C++, everyone is familiar what simple interest is.

Simply,     Simple Interest = Principle x Time x Rate divided by 100  or

S. I. = PxTxR/100

How program works:

  • This program takes in the prinicipal, rate and time as a screen input from the user.
  • The program is executed (run) 5 times using the ‘FOR’ loop.
  • It calculates the simple interest using the formula I = PTR/100.
  • The principal, rate, time and the simple interest are then outputted using the ‘cout’ command.

Program to calculate Simple Interest in C++:


SuperMarket Billing System in C++

This mini project is written in C++ where you find mainly two classes one class item another class amount and class amount is inheritance form class item.It is simple console application without graphics. From this project you learn file handling in c++ and use of stream class.And main defect of this program is that goto label  is used to jump form one menu to another menu and separate function for editing  and deleting items are not used.So,if you want to make it your school project or college mini project then modify it ,make separate function for editing and deleting and also try to use while loop instead of goto label .Any suggestion and help for this project is appreciated.

This code was compiled on Turbo C++ for windows.

Download Source Code


Download: SuperMarketBilling.cpp



Comment for any problem.

Hangman Game C++

It is a simple project just to provide a Hang Man game concept.In this project I haven’t draw a man for a wrong choice so,try to draw a simple man by using “|” pattern in your project which make your project better .
Here is the source code ,copy and compile it in Code::blocks gcc compiler.





hangman game C++

Drawing Taj Mahal C++

Wonder of the World Drawing Taj Mahal C++ Code


This code is compiled in Turbo C++ so this may not execute on newer compilers like GCC. You can download Turbo C++ to run this code


taj mahal c++



Snake and Ladder Game C++

This code implements the classic Snake and Ladder game C++.

It can be played by two players.

snake and ladder game


This program is compiled with Turbo C++, you can download it from here Turbo C++


PROGRAM to implement Snake and Ladder Game in C++: