Solid State Chemistry Questions and Answers – Intensities

This set of Solid State Chemistry Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Intensities”.

MCQ’s based on Intensities:

1. Intensities of X-ray reflections is important because___________
a) The quantitative measurements of intensity are necessary
b) X-ray is detected using intensity
c) Intensity is required during determining the concentration
d) The environmental condition is suited using intensities

2. Atoms diffract or scatter X-rays because of__________
a) Incident visible light
b) Incident X-ray beam
c) Incident gamma ray
d) Incident electrons

3. The electrons of an atom act as which of the following options for the sources of X-rays?
a) Electrode
b) Primary source
c) Secondary source
d) Tertiary source

4. The intensity of the radiation scattered coherently by ‘point source’ electrons has been treated theoretically and is given by which of the following equations?
a) Einstein equation
b) Maxwell equation
c) Stockbarger equation
d) Thomson equation

5. Thomson equation is also known as _________
a) Diffraction factor
b) Reflection factor
c) Polarization factor
d) Thomson factor

6. For the non-crystalline beams are scattered by the atoms _________
a) From top to bottom
b) In horizontal direction
c) In vertical direction
d) In all direction

7. Intensities depends on which of the following factors?
a) Solubility of the solid
b) Emission factor
c) Refraction factor
d) Absorption factor

8. An electron density is a plot of variation of ______
a) Electron density
b) Electron solubility
c) Electron mass
d) Electron volume

9. An electron map resembles which of the following options?
a) Electron spectrum
b) Geographical contour map
c) Diffraction spectrum
d) Resolution electron map

10. The mental picture of atom is sphere can be given by which of the following?
a) Pauli exclusion principle
b) Maxwell equation
c) Electron density map
d) Stockbarger equation


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