Surveying Questions and Answers – Water Supply Scheme

This set of Surveying Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Water Supply Scheme”.

1. Which of the following can be identified as the objective of water supply scheme?
a) Chlorination of water
b) Treat water
c) Safe water supply
d) Ionization of water

2. Which of the following indicates the component of a water supply scheme?
a) Impure water
b) Chlorination of water
c) Sub surface water
d) Intake of the water

3. Surface water can act as a source of water in water supply scheme.
a) True
b) False

4. While considering the design period, which must be given more priority?
a) Area of land
b) Population
c) Usage of water
d) Arrangement of pipes

5. The design period of storage reservoir can be given as _________
a) 50 yr
b) 20 yr
c) 30 yr
d) 10 yr

6. Which of the following can be designated as an intake structure?
a) Culvert
b) River
c) Dam
d) Reservoir

7. Which type of water is generally used in the treatment of water?
a) Chlorinated water
b) Treated water
c) Raw water
d) Sulphated water

8. Which of the following does not act as a major factor that effects per capita demand?
a) Human activity
b) Industrial activities
c) Usage of water
d) Placement of pipe

9. The amount of water required for 1 percent per day is determined as ___________
a) Daily demand
b) Monthly demand
c) Annual demand
d) Per capita demand

10. Which of the following can act as a type of variation in water demand?
a) Monthly variation
b) Annual variation
c) Crop variation
d) 10 year variation

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