Terms that are only heard in Programming


  1.  Root is the top of tree (I thought leaves were at the top at tree)

    roots upside down

  2.  Declaring constant variable (How can a constant be a variable?) constant variable
  3.  Red parent will have black child only (Red – Black Tree ).
     black white
  4.  Jar – You need java to open this, normal hands won’t do it. jar java
  5.  Recursion in google search.
  6.  Friends have access to private parts (In OOPs). private public
  7.  Two famous personality : Alice & Bob. aliceBob
  8.  ACID is good for database (Acid are very harmful for humans).acid_danger
  9.  Working with Python is good (Python is a dangerous snake).python
  10.  Check Logs (logs have termites and other insects).
  11.  Catch the Exception (and not the ball).
  12.  To Remove Conflict launch WAR signals.
  13.  Kill the child if it’s consuming too much resources.
  14.  Took 1 millisecond to run, that’s too much time.

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