UPSC IAS Question Papers Previous Years 2014-2020

UPSC IAS Question Papers are some of the most sought after learning resources when it comes to cracking the exam. Competitive exams in India share a common similarity i.e. repetition of questions from the previous year. It is quite common to get 2-3 questions repeated from previous years in the UPSC IAS 2020 exam. Besides, referring to the UPSC IAS Question Papers can also help candidates analyze the pattern of the question paper and check for the weightage of marks allotted to different sections. Thus, in this article, we have provided direct links to download UPSC Civil Services Question Papers.


Download UPSC IAS Question Papers for Previous year below:

The direct links to get the question papers of IAS exam conducted in the last few years are given below. Simply click on the link and download the question papers of respective year:

Significance of UPSC IAS Question Papers

Cracking the IAS exam is not an easy task at all. Do not be under the notion that scanning through few few text books before the exam can get you across the minimum qualifying marks let alone the cut offs. However, those who start preparations in time and adopt smart study methods escalate the chances of scoring well in the exam by significant proportions.

UPSC Civil Services Question Papers come in handy to complement the smart study methods. For instance, when one needs to have quick learning of the most important areas from where questions were asked in the previous year, UPSC Civil Services Question Papers can help. Refer to these to ensure that the exam pattern is understood properly. There cannot be any more authentic source than UPSC Civil Services Question Papers for these purposes. In addition, the uses of previous year papers are described in this article. Utilize these effectively after downloading from the direct links given here and watch the outcomes of preparations reach new levels.

The Civil services examination abbreviated as CSE, (Mains)(generally called as UPSC (IAS), is one of the examinations conducted by the board of the Union Public Service Commission, to select eligible candidates for the posts available under various Groups and categories of Indian service offices. The candidate who passes the preliminary CSE examination held in June 2022 is eligible to appear in the Mains examination. The candidate is required to apply for the Mains examination by filling the Detailed Application Form (DAF) which is available one/two months before the set tentative date of the Mains examination (on October 2022). A candidate must exercise caution when filling the form because it involves choosing the two optional subjects for written conventional papers

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