Amazon Interview Experience SDE Off Campus

Here is an actual Amazon Interview Experience for SDE on OFF campus drive:

Written Round: (1 hour)

  1. Given a linked list and K, print the last K nodes in reverse order.
    example: 1->2->3->4->5->6, K = 3 output: 6 5 4
  2. Find out whether the given tree is BST or not.
  3. Rotate Given matrix by 90 clockwise.

Technical Round: (1 hour)

  1. Given an array, for every element in the array, you need to print the product of all except the i’th element itself.
  2. Given N train with their arrival and departure timings, you need to find the minimum number of platforms are required to accommodate all. The condition is, no train has to wait to get the free platform.

Technical Round: (1 hour)

1: Define your own data structure that should do two operations at its best complexity.

  • insert(num): insert num into the data structure.
  • find(sum): return a pair(a, b) such that a+b = sum, if no such pair exists return -1.

2: Give a graph find out whether it is a tree or not.

Managerial Round: (1 hour)

  1. Long discussions on my projects.
  2. Have you disagreed with your manager’s opinion?
  3. Technical Challenges faced so far in the current role?
  4. Any technical solution provided by you to your team? Why your solution was better? and what was the outcome?
  5. Why are you looking for opportunities?
  6. Why Amazon?

Bar Raised Round: (1 hour)

  1. Long discussions on my project and current role?
  2. Long discussion on the tree data structure, comparison with other data structures.
  3. Why are you leaving your current role?
  4. Why Amazon?
  5. Given an array of integers, find out the range of contiguous elements with Largest sum. (Kadane’s algorithm)

Discuss below if you want to discuss more about the amazon interview experience, you can discuss your experiences as well.

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